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The Kanger Pangu Starter Kit gives you the option of trying two different vaping styles to see which one suits you best. Mouth to lung vaping (MTL) is the style that’s most like smoking a filtered cigarette (need to purchase additional coils for this). Direct lung (DL) vaping is the style that is preferred by cloud chasers and sub-Ohm vapers. Direct lung, sub-Ohm vaping devices can also extract more flavour from your e juice. This inexpensive, Pangu starter kit is an easy-to-use device that handles both vaping styles.

Choosing your first vaping starter kit can be a confusing experience. Kanger have designed their pen style, Pangu starter kit with a built-in battery and a big, 2ml e-liquid tank. For total simplicity, the e liquid tank is fully integrated with the battery. As well as giving the Pangu starter kit a sleek, sophisticated look, it also makes the whole vaping experience much less complicated.

Filling the pangu atomizer tank with e juice couldn’t be easier. Just turn your atomizer coil to block off the two wicking ports, then unscrew the tank’s top cover. With the top section removed there’s plenty of free space to drip your e juice down into the transparent, Pyrex glass tank. With the tank topped up, just screw down the top cover and re-open the wicking ports. It’s a fast, clean system that makes refilling hassle-free.


The Pangu e cigarette kit comes with a 0.5 Ohm DL Atomizer and this is the the atomizer coil is really the engine that drives your Pangu device. Power from the battery is fed to the coil when you press the fire button. Just like a tiny heating element, the coil begins to glow. Within a few seconds, it turns a few drops of your e juice into a satisfying cloud of tasty vapour.

The Pangu starter kit’s direct lung (cigarette style) atomizer coil has a resistance of 0.5 Ohms. This indicates that it’s a ‘sub-Ohm’ coil that will generate bigger clouds and flavours. Pangu atomizer coils are easy to change and even feature Kanger’s longer, ‘clean hands’ design so that you don’t get covered in sticky e juice.

The Kanger Pangu Starter Kit is an easy-to-use, affordable cigarette device that comes in Black, White or Silver.

– 1 x Kanger Pangu 1500mAh Battery Mod
– 1 x Integrated Pangu 2ml Atomizer Tank
– 1 x Spare Pyrex Glass Pangu Tank Section
– 1 x PGOCC Replaceable 0.5 Ohm DL Atomizer Coil (SUS316L)
– 1 x Slip-Over Wide Bore Delrin Drip-Tip
– 1 x Replacement O Ring Seals
– 1 x USB Charging Lead
– 1 x Pangu Starter Kit User Manual

Kanger Pangu Starter Kit Features:
Size: 140mm long x 22mm wide
Style: Simple pen style device
Battery/mod integrated with Pangu tank
Battery type: Rechargeable internal
Battery capacity: 19500mAh
E juice reservoir (tank) capacity: 2ml
Glass: Pyrex – heat and acid resistant
Takes all types of e juice
Easy access for top filling
Wicking port close feature for leak-free filling
Fast, ‘clean hands’ coil changes
Comes with atomizer coils for MTL and DL vaping
Organic cotton coil wicks for pure flavour
Min. atomizer coil resistance: 0.15 Ohms
Slip-on wide bore drip tip provided
Charging port: USB charging port on mod
Cable: USB charge cable supplied
Easy, one button operation
No complicated settings or adjustments
Press fire button 5 times for on/off
Two pre-set airflow/anti-condensation ports
3 Colour options: White, Black or Silver

Pangu Safety Features:
Advanced short circuit protection
Built-in overcharge protection
Auto cut-off if fire button held too long
Ventilated casing


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