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The EVOD MT3 Bottom Coil Clearomizers (BCC) are a sleek clearomizers that are rebuildable. Our EVOD MT3 utilises the same atomizer/coils as the Clear Tank clearomizers and use bottom coil technology ensuring a quality vape.

3 x EVOD MT3 Bottom Coil Clearomizers

Bottom Coil Technology
Easy to Fill system
Leak free clearomizer
2.2ml Capacity
510 Thread Compatible

Replacements parts:
Replaceable coils/atomizer heads for EVOD MT3 Bottom Coil Clearomizers clearomizer can be purchased in our accessories section or clicking here

How To Use:
Turn EVOD MT3 clearomizer upside down and unscrew the base of the unit. Tilt tank to 45 degrees angle and use the needle or tip of e liquid bottle or e juice bottle, drip e liquid along inner wall of the clearomizer ensuring that you do not overfill the device (2.2ml marked level). Do not allow liquid into the centre tubing as this will result in the e liquid or e juice coming into your mouth otherwise. Once the clearomizer is full (use window on side of clearomizer), re-screw the base back to tank. To avoid burning taste, ensure atomizer is totally submerged and soaked with e liquid or e juice. Rotate clearomizer to ensure all of atomizer is soaked in fluid to stop burning taste when used.

Can be used with any 510 threaded device.


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