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Making Your Transition Easier: Discerning Similarities Between Vaping and Smoking for A Beginning Vaper

by BoostCommerce Collaborator
Making Your Transition Easier: Discerning Similarities Between Vaping and Smoking for A Beginning Vaper

So, you’ve finally decided to give vaping a shot. As far as initial impressions go, this is one activity where you won’t feel as much intimidated or tenuous as you were in smoking. So how do you begin? How are you going to manage to switch up your e-liquids, coils on a routinely basis and make it an embossed part of your life? This is one question that plagues the majority of newcomers to the vaping world and it can take some time getting used to it to get the desired results you need to adapt vaping as organically and naturally as a part of your life as possible.

You can clearly see that what you’re holding in your hand is no ordinary device. Sure, it resembles a cigarette but trust us when we tell you that it is nothing of the sort. It’s definitely ok to feel a bit overwhelmed about how you’re going to maintain your style and image in the public whilst using this device, and it’s more than ok to make a few mistakes during the initial trials and errors of trying out your e-cigarette.


Parallels Between Vape Pens and Cigarettes

Even though both vape pens and tobacco cigarettes are extremely different than each other, there are still a lot of indigenous similarities that help to pave the gap between a user’s perception of the two approaches. For instance, the feel of both devices is mostly similar to one another; you can twirl and play around with an e-cigarette in just the same way as with an ordinary cigarette. Especially in terms of the so-called ‘cigalike’ device, which are built as exact replicas of a tobacco cigarette, it can sometimes be really confusing to distinguish one device from the other.

Interesting fact: according to a report from NHS, nicotine-based e-cigarettes are around 95% more safer and conventional than tobacco-filled cigarettes.


The Utilization of Nicotine

Second to design, another remarkable similarity between vape pens and e-cigarettes is of the nicotine intake. While both products utilize nicotine, their handling and combustion of the stimulant is totally different. In vaping, nicotine is usually processed after being infused within the e-liquid. Whereas in e-cigarettes, the nicotine is tentatively in the form of tobacco and is burnt into smokes before being inhaled by the user from the filter end of the cigarette.


This next similarity, although gigantic, is a bit problematic one. Although both vape pens and cigarettes are equally unique in their own respect, both are equally considered as unsafe and abrasive in the eyes of the norm. And it’s not just the activity, every person who isn’t a part of the puffing demographic views both vapers and smokers as haughty and transgressing. Although this is not that big of a concern for vapers, as the smoke which emanates from their devices is just the by-product of the e-liquid being processed by the mechanisms of their vaping device, this predication is considerably more severe on cigarette smokers’ end, who are straight-up confronted by non-smokers and are even forced out of the room in some instances.


Finally, the last, and subsequently the most defining similarity that exists between vape pens and cigarettes is of their userbase. Both devices have such a dedicated user base who all love and cherish their preferred mode of puffing equally without imposing or enforcing on one another. Where vaping users enjoy cloud chasing sessions and chain vaping sittings, cigarette smokers also have ordained puffing sessions where they challenge each other to see who can puff the biggest smoke rings and chain smoke the longest.
by BoostCommerce Collaborator