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How Vaping Became A Globally Recognized Brand

by BoostCommerce Collaborator
How Vaping Became A Globally Recognized Brand

Vaping has taken a sudden surge in its popularity in the past several years. It had been upholding a good track record ever since its origination back in 2010, but ever since 2015, the international market for top vaping brands have all been experiencing exponential growth in both their sales and customer base. So much so, that the top vaping companies have said to earn almost half of what all e-cigarette retailing stores in the US had earned, according to Nielsen data.


In advertising terms, marketing a product such as e-cigarettes shouldn’t have proven to be a hassle in the first place, given how easily the youth is attracted towards new addictive products that have the potential to make significant changes in their lives. Even the fact that how rapidly young adults living in the US have adopted this hobby is no short of a marveling surprise. Apart from them, people of other age brackets, specifically people in their 40s, have also taken upon this hobby and practice vaping recursively and leisurely.


In this day and age, what’ll truly be a surprise is when something as big as e-cigarettes wouldn’t be a trending topic on the news the day it is released. What truly helps these vaping brands in their advertising is the quickly-spreading word of mouth and awareness about their products through social media. And although eye-opening studies are conducted every other day, professional medical examiners and other health experts are still conflicted upon the regulation of vaping products amongst the masses. They are more focused on the health risks and concerns that may arise if people start overusing these nicotine-heavy products.

The Censure Against Vaping

Ever since its foundation, vaping has always been about providing ease and comfort to cloud-chasing enthusiasts and has regularly introduced newer approaches for them to carry out their puffing escapades. While nearly all cigarettes are tobacco-based, with e-cigarettes you have the choice to opt for completely pure and tobacco-free versions that do not pose any measurable risk or danger on your health condition. Nevertheless, this feasibility remains in vain as the experts are still reprimanding on the vaping regularity in the US. Amidst all this extended hassle and confusion between the two oppositions, the central purpose of vaping continues to lose its value.


This is the reason why vaping practitioners are struggling so much to overcome their tobacco dependency in the US. E-cigarettes are an incredibly effective replacement of puffing than smoking but due to restrictions such as the ones posed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it’s getting increasingly difficult to spread positive awareness about the impacts of vaping. What usually goes over people’s heads is that there isn’t just one type of e-cigarette device. JUUL, the most common one, is both used by the vast majority of the population and also acts as the main cause behind the growing vexation against the practice of vaping. On the other hand, the vaporizer devices are a much safer and healthier type of e-cigarette which while also being available in the same quantity, doesn’t garner much traction sadly. This sort of negligence has made it increasingly difficult for emerging brands to gain the attention they deserve and has produced multiple bumps in vaping’s growth as well.


The situation of vaping cannot be summarized in simple words. Every country has its own set ordinances against it and while the vaping community is ceaselessly pushing towards normalizing its usage more and more, the setbacks which are caused by regulations such as the ones mentioned above, are truly the contentious obstacles which continuously demotivates vaping’s continuous growth and development.
by BoostCommerce Collaborator