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Are you willing to make the switch to vaping from cigarette?

by VapingPro Admin
Are you willing to make the switch to vaping from cigarette?

If you have been smoking for years then it might take you few days, few weeks or few months but you can make the switch completely. The difference between quitting smoking and making the switch to vaping you don’t need to make a decision: there you don’t need to have the last cigarette; there is absolutely no pressure, and no fear.

It may be difficult, but not impossible. You may face challenges and obstacles to overcome, but the experience of hundreds of thousands of people suggests that it can be done. We wrote this guide to help you make the switch from cigarettes to vaping.



You need to know few things before choosing your e-cig/Vape

  1. There can be an ideal e-cigarette for you. We know that not all smokers use the same brand of cigarettes, and this analogy carries over to e-cigs. Not all e-cigs are suited to all vapers, so if you have tried vaping before and it didn’t suit you, We say! don’t give up. Try again with a different e-cigarette starter kit, and if you are stuck, there are Stop Smoking services which have “vape friendly” counsellors that are well versed in helping people to quit smoking and using an e-cigarette. Call them and make an appointment.


  1. This is normal if you cough at first. Vaping is different from smoking. A survey tells that 600 vapers, around 57% of them admitted to coughing the first time they used an e-cig. However, after acclimatizing for roughly ten weeks, 92% of vapers no longer had a problem with coughing. 1% no longer had a problem with coughing after just one week, and 7% still found they were coughing, This is usually down to inhaling like a smoker, not a vaper. Vapour also feels ‘thicker’ than smoke as you inhale, and this can cause a cough from the change in sensation.


  1. You might get a dry mouth, nose & throat. This is normal of vaping. Dry mouth is most associated with the base ingredients of e-liquid: PG and VG (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin). This essentially means that they draw water to them, away from you!. The more familiar you become with vaping the less noticeable this is. If you’re experiencing dry mouth, simply drink more water or use an oral hydration rinse like Biotene, which ironically has both PG and VG as ingredients, These are the simplest remedies to get moisture back in your mouth


  1. Vaping too much. Surely, You want keep your e-cig with you all the time and enjoy taking a draw whenever you feel you need it. However, when you vape too much, just like if you smoke excessively, your body will have higher levels of Nicotine and that can lead to some mild side effects , typically a headache, mild nausea, or dizziness. If that happens, Stop vaping for some time and wait for these to pass, your body will eventually adjust to levels of nicotine you taking in.



how to choose first ecig

Vaping and smoking are different.

You can easily light up a cigarette; but setting up your vape takes longer. You have many thing to do with Electronic cigarettes, such as charging the battery, changing parts when they need replacing and refilling with e-liquid when you are running low. It is easy to slip back into the mindset “It would be easier to go to the shop and get a packet”.

You have to choose an e-cig that you can easily maintain, an e-liquid that you might love the taste of, to make sure that you actually enjoy vaping.

As it’s previously said that there is no single perfect e-cig for everyone. Every vaper is searching for something different from their vaping experience. When people exhale a cloud vapour they feel more satisfied, some people care more about tasting a nice flavour, others want vaping to feel as close to smoking as possible.

You don’t know what type of vaper you are when you first start out, and this is where the experimentation and patience come in. If you have bought an e-cig and it doesn’t feel right for you or doesn’t work as well as you expected, the chances are you don’t need a new e-cig, you might just need to change e-liquid.

We have a wide range of starter kits, new vapers can choose from our online store, each has different features that play to an individual vaper’s needs. They all come with everything that you need to start vaping, and many vapers find they never need to “progress” from their first e-cig.


by VapingPro Admin

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